Sunday, October 11, 2015

Reminder of October Parent Council meeting

Parent Council will hold their October meeting on Wednesday Oct. 14 at 9 am in the Gathering Room near the library. Everyone is welcome to attend. Proposed agenda.

RES Council Meeting
October 14, 2015
(Which will be starting promptly at 9:00 am)

-        Vote on new bylaw (adding community member)
o   Need to officially change bylaws for the other new positions as well

-        Fundraiser progress – Natalie Ball

-        Review of family dance
o   Things that went well
o   Notes for next year

-        Mr. Hogg – new training for teachers
o   Brief explanation on nuts in the school

-        Goals
o   Brief discussion and choosing of goals, based on the goals already presented

-        Safety concern – Loni Sala
o   Children safety issue brought up by a bus driver

-        Communication - Cheri Gilbert

Donation made by Parent Council to RES

The RES Parent Council would like to announce, that with part of the proceeds from the Family Dance fundraising event held in September, a sum of $485.12 was donated to the school to be used towards the AR reading program prizes. AR stands for Accelerated Reading which is a program used in grades 3-6. The primary goal of this program is to excite and encourage each child to read more. Each student sets reading goals with their teacher, reads at their own level, borrows books from the school library and takes a quiz after completing their reading goal. Prizes awarded range from edible treats, small toys and craft items. Michaels craft store is also a major contributor of prizes for this program. There are several members of RES staff that assist with this program. For more information about the AR program please contact Alison Bohner (teacher) and Tersa Mora (librarian).

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Community Representative member wanted for the RES Parent Council

We as the RESC Executive would like to add the following position to the Executive:
 Community Representative

The  change to the bylaws will be as follows:                  A minimum of four (4) members occupying the positions of Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and Communications Director; other positions of the executive can include Co-Chairperson, Past-Chairperson, Communications Director Assistant, Preschool Representative, Volunteer Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator Assistant, Fundraising Coordinator, Community Representative, and Members-at-Large.

We will be voting on this change at the next RES council meeting, which is Wed., Oct. 14th, at 9:00 am.  Just a reminder that all parents are welcome to attend this meeting (as well as every monthly meeting). 

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