Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Parent Council Meeting March 15, 2017

RES Parent Council 
March 15, 2017 

Attendance: Mr.Hogg, Jamie Jensen, Mrs.Elaine Ross, Christal Bevans, Natalie Ball, Rachael Miller, Jen Bennett, Loni Sala, Tasha Reeve, Jessica Salmon, Cheri Gilbert, Connie Shurtz

*Policy Statement – new policy the division is working on
-guidelines, communications (email,text), elementary issues, & high school - different issues
-clubs are different not under this same policy
-division will communicate, engage, partner with parents
-professional judgement when notices should be sent home to parents 
-child safety - there will be no notice
-parents have the right to talk to the school about values & specific family beliefs
-parents can come to the school & ask about things being taught 
-certain age children are allowed to choose things for themselves 
-parents can't choose an educator based on religions etc. 

*New Bill 1
-school fees $25, $35, $45 forwarded to the central offices 
-we are not sure how much fees will be this next year
-we do know that fees for kindergarten & preschool will remain the same, they don't fall under the new bill
-busing is no charge if you live in the certain points of km

Mrs.Elaine Ross-
* One School One Book
- we are at 71% of our money goal

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Financial Summary Feb 2017

Raymond Elementary Parent Council


Account Balance

Sept 16 Starting Balance


Fall Dance (Income)


Expenses (Total, see below))
Total (Current Balance)


Fall Dance Prizes, cups, class parties

To School

Volunteer Tea (June 2016)

School Fees Door Prize

Exercise Equipment

Council Meeting Feb 15, 2017

RES Council Meeting
February 15, 2017

AttendanceChristal Bevans , Natalie Ball, Loni Sala, Jessica Salmon, Jamie Jensen, Connie Shurtz, Elaine Ross, Marlin Hogg, Dave Reeve, Rachael Miller, JennSmith, J'Ana Zobell

Mr.Hogg- Alberta Education 
Alberta education curriculum program of studies- the law states each school is to inform families of studentsprogress & such. We are to inform or educated in things happening in Alberta. 
Report cards with a level 4 means a student is at grade level. 
Reporting to parents is to tell them what students are learning and how they are learning & understanding concepts. 
Gr.1 is doing outcome based reporting this year. Outcome based reporting is a monthly report system that allows the teacher to record where that student is for specific tasks learned. 
* Do parents like the outcome based reporting? 
* Changes by law we can't give a class average K-12 
* Parents always want to know where their children are so this reporting helps give a monthly break down. 

Council Meeting Wednesday, November 15th 2017

Raymond Elementary School Council Meeting Wednesday, November 15 th 2018 8:45am In attendance: Marlin Hogg, Ela...