Monday, April 25, 2016

RES Council Meeting Minutes

RES Council Meeting
April 20th, 2016

In attendance Marlin Hogg, Elaine Ross, Jaime Jensen, Carmen Lowry, Cheri Gilbert, Jen Smith, Rachael Miller, Natalie Ball, Loni Sala, Barb Nickle, Nancy Rose, Connie Shurtz, Christal Bevans

The Fridge project Update -Rachael Miller

-We were awarded the grant in the full amount of the fridge $4600 from the Community Foundations grant
-it will be ordered shortly and stored until the new school year when it can be implemented and introduced in September
- Snow's Pharmacy and Dr. Mike Smith from Raymond Dental have graciously taken on as community partners in this venture the donations of all food for the fridge in the years to come

-We will need volunteers for cutting and prep, and will be asking for donations
-66 took the time to answer the survey on the parent teacher night it was a big success and all thought it was a great idea

-Voted on since it will need council support in running this year after year
It is a council project and needs council support
Moved and proposed 1st Rachael Miller 2nd Loni Sala unanimous vote all in favor

-Will start in mid September get letters out for volunteers and info

-Tasting Days - The Merc and Ag foods have agreed to donate all of the pineapples for our tasting day next week April 29th

-Will get a sheet for permission out will have fact sheet on pineapples and a trial run on containers needs student runners approved and discussion and voted on using council money for containers and such to run our tasting days
Voted 1st Rachael Miller 2nd Cheri Gilbert All in favor

MR. Hogg
Deployment of Teachers Class sizes and teacher placement

-Division comes up with budget for  the new year  - central office gives allotment of teachers to all school in division – using a staffing formula
-we currently have 32 full time staff

-Our school has chosen to have smaller class sizes in div I – research has shown that there is a better foundation for learning with smaller class sizes in a learning environment k-3
Cap Size roughly like this:
Div 1 -17
Div 2-23
Div 3- 23
Div 4- 29
(These numbers are divisional averages.)

Making Classes - Teachers get together as a team and discuss the best possible options for next years placement of students {So ex. grade one decided grade 2 placement } all ends up on Mr. Hoggs  desk for final look over and some valid requests of student placement

Teachers know our children at school and where the best environment for them to flourish will be who they work well with, who they shouldn't be with, and what will help them to succeed the very best
-where the placement of EA's will be make a difference too

-Orientation day a stress reliever for not only children but staff, principle and parents

-Teachers see the big Picture/ We only see our child

-EA's -8  EA's have been cut in the last 3 years
-special needs funding does not follow the child funded on what is needed
ex. constant EA's -present 100% with a specific child
- close EA's -there but can function separately
-Class EA's -who help out one and all  

Funding is down; we will see what happens - division is behind on next years numbers and budget in the works and to come

Buddy Bench for playground
-will come - future plans - has to go through school div maintenance  dept  and have certified people order it and set it up to school specs - needs to be worked out and through the proper channels

Picked a date for Council AGM - changes needed for positions fridge person decided on no 2nd volunteer coordinator needed  and each if stepping down to describe the duties of title and placement of new positions
-        Discussed coming up with a new name for the fridge position – ie. Nutrition coordinator? – check with Jen for input
-        Need to announce and advertise AGM and any bylaw changes to be voted on, 21 days prior to the meeting

Decided on JUNE 8th 7:00 pm for AGM meeting at which time voting of new members and discussion of new year will be detailed
Goals – planned on having a volunteer appreciation – join it with the AGM
-        Loni will make a list of all the things volunteers have done in our school this year
-        Barb will make the invitation/poster
-        Have food there (take out of budget – need to vote next meeting)

-        Rachael gave a little thank you 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

APRIL Council Meeting Agenda

RES Council Meeting
April 20th, 2016
(Which will start promptly at 9:00 am, in the conference room)

-        The Healthy Snack Fridge project
o   Go through the latest developments and donations
o   VOTE on the project
o   Discuss the timeline of the project
o   Tasting day this month- April 29.

-        Mr. Hogg –
o   Deployment of teachers (class sizes, teachers, etc.)
o   Buddy bench 

-        Pick a date for AGM
o   Discuss any changes needed to positions

-        Looking ahead briefly to activities for next year (family dance and Christmas event “Santa’s gone loonie”?)

-        Other
o   Next month’s mtg – Wed., May 11th

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