Friday, December 11, 2015

RES Gift Basket Fundraiser

The RES Gift Basket Fundraiser raised $810.86. School council will determine, at a later date, how to use the funds in the school. Thank you to all who participated in this fundraiser to make it a success.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Gift Basket Fundraiser ends Dec 4!

Just a reminder that the Silent Auction on the gift baskets will end Friday at 9pm. For more information or to place a bid please call Alana Sala at 403-393-4636. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to purchase a unique gift basket for someone special on your Christmas list.

 Below are some photos of the baskets before being wrapped up and ready to be auctioned. Baskets will be wrapped with cellophane and made pretty before the auction.
Baby Boy basket

Bath time basket

Super Hero basket

Chocolate Lovers Delight

Christmas basket

Family Night basket

Princess basket

Mens basket

New Years Eve

Readers Corner basket

Spa Lady basket

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

RES Silent Auction Gift Basket Fundraiser

All items donated by RES students and families in the month of November for the School Council Gift Basket Fundraiser will be on auction Dec 4th 6-9pm at the High School during the town of Raymond Old-fashioned Christmas event. Bidding is open to the community and anyone can CALL or TEXT in advance to Alana Sala (a member of RES School Council) @ 403-393-4636 to bid. They can also call to check on their bid the night of and increase their bid if they choose.  The auction will close at 9pm Friday Dec 4th.
Thank you to all who have helped to participate in this event.

Here are the contents of all the baskets. (Pictures will be added. Or see a poster on the FB Parent Awareness page, at the school or locations in the community.) 

Baby Boy Gift Basket

2 long-sleeved T-shirt onesies (3-6 months),2 pair blue sleepers (Newborn),1 pack of 3 soothers (6+ months),1 pack of 2 soothers (0-6 months),Oball car rattle,1 pack of 3 underwear onesies,Happy Bum cream,Teether,Clothing set – onesie, pants, bib (3-6 months),Orange long-sleeved shirt onesie (3-6 months),2 snack containers & spoon,Johnson’s baby soothing vapour bath,Baby dishes (bowl & plate),2 hooded bath blankets,2 fleece baby,blankets, Baby boy leggings,1 soft blanket,Baby boy gift set (blue Teddy bear & fleece blanket),2 board books,1 bib,1 large refill package of baby wipes,1 medium refill package of baby wipes,1 small baby wipes package

Baby Girl Gift Basket

2 packs of soothers,3 onesie shirts (two 0-3 months, one 3-6 months),1 onesie undershirt (3 month),1 pair Baby B’gosh jean overalls (6 months),3 pack of hard plastic bibs,Teether,3 pack headband set,Rattle,1 pair sleepers (3-6 months),Pink soft blanket,Soft baby doll,Oball rattle,Pack of 4 roller blocks,Pack of 8 toy stacking cups,Rashguard (for swimming) (3-6 months),Pack of 5 receiving blankets,1 pair baby leggings,1 large refill bag of baby wipes,1 small bag baby wipes

Family Fun Night Gift Basket

$25 iTunes card,Tupperware snack bowl with lid and dip bowl,Pictureka game,Yahtzee Hands Down card game,Rook card game,Family Scavenger Hunt card game,2 packages of Uno card games,Uno Dare card game,Old Maid card game,Pick-Up Pairs Memory game – Mermaids,Pick-Up Pairs Memory game – Zoom Zoom,1 pack face cards,Judy Moody movie,“Frozen” puzzle,Juggling balls – set of 3,Jube Santas candy,2 bottles of pop – Sprite & Orange,
1 package Twizzlers,1 bag of Party Mix,2 packages mini chocolate bars,Package of 10 paper popcorn bags,3 boxes of microwave popcorn (3 bags in each box),1 box of mini-packs of microwave popcorn,20 individual bags of microwave popcorn

Princess Gift Basket

Tiara,Disney Princess gift set (set of princess dolls),Disney Princess giant coloring book,Frozen candy toy set
Disney Princess Lip Smacker set of 5,Disney Princess jump rope,Frozen bubble bath and loofah,Disney Princess note pads,Disney Princess wipe-off activity board,Disney Princess Reading Comprehension workbook, Disney Princess tattoos,My Little Pony coloring book,6 tiara headbands (plastic),Sofia the First activity pad & crayons,Disney Princess punch balloon, Toy tiara, Disney Princess key ring

 Superhero Gift Basket

Spiderman mask, Lego superhero minifigures (the Hulk, Superman, Wolverine, Captain America, Batman, 
Spiderman, Ironman, Thor)
Avengers giant coloring book,Captain America Star Launch shield,Superman shirt – size 6,Captain America puzzle (magic motion puzzle),Avengers puzzle,Hot Wheels Hulk vehicle,Spiderman Quick Shots (2 figures included)
Spiderman Web Warrior (Spiderman on motorbike)
Avengers playset (Thor & Ironman & motorbike),2 Avengers Memory Match games,Batman Addition & Subtraction cards,Avengers cup,Captain America pen,Spiderman Memory Match,Captain America pens – 4 pack,Avengers double-sided crayons,Spiderman paint sheets,Avengers sticker sheets – 4 sheets, Avengers pencil bag,Spiderman paint set – 2 scenes,Spiderman straw, Avengers mini Kleenex – 3 packs

Bath Time Gift Basket

4 – 700 mL Bubble bath, 2 – 475 mL Bubble bath, 5 bath loofahs, 2 – 150 g foam soap,1 package colour bath dropz
1 bath book,1 Dino fizz,1 bar of Haas family Soapworks,1 package fizzy tub colours, A set of bath toys (plastic stacking toy cups)

Chocolate Gift Basket

2 boxes of Carnation variety pack of Hot Chocolate,1 pkg Lindor Caramel,1 pkg Riesen caramels/chocolate,1 box Lindt chewy milk caramel,1 – 43 g pkg Hershey’s w/Almonds,1 – 3 pack Ferrero Rocher,3 – 85 g boxes of Junior Mints,1 – 120 g bag Peanut M&M’s,2 – 88 g bags Hershey kisses,1 box Godiva milk chocolate,1 Terry’s Orange Toffee,1 – 161 g Hershey’s Peppermint Bark Bells,1 – 100 g box chocolate Japonais,1 – 90 g After Eight straws,
1 – 450 g PC Belgian milk chocolate fingers,1 -123 g Toffifee Hazelnut in Caramel,1 – 100 g Barkley’s snowman
1 – 300 g Lindt Swiss Classic,1 – 460 g box Desobry chocolate biscuit collection,1 – 10 pack mini Kit Kat bars
1 – 10 pack mini Smarties,1 – 90 g Brookside dark chocolate Acai & Blueberry,3 – 100g Lindt Swiss Classic
2 – 100 g Toblerone bars,1 – 132 g box Andes mints,5 – 50 g Caramilk bars,15 – 45 g chocolate bars (various types)
7 mini chocolate bars (various types)

Christmas Gift Basket

1 – 9 pc Holiday Characters craft box, 1 – 702 pc Party Platter craft set, 1 Snowman wall décor,1 – 122 g Ghirardelli assorted chocolate,1 – 60 inch Berrie & Crystal garland,1 wood ornament,1 nutcracker,1 – 1.5 kg Gingerbread House Kit, 2 – 8 oz B&B Works hand soap, 3 set tealight wall décor, 1 set oven mitt & pot holder, 1 – 538 g sugar cookie candle, 1 – 200 g bag candy cane kisses, 1 red tea light holder, 1 small clear Christmas tree, 1 magnetic memo pad
1 “Days until Christmas” wall décor,1 Elmo’s Merry Christmas book

Sweet & Salty Gift Basket

1 – 300 g Billybee honey roasted peanuts
2 bags PC caramel popcorn
3 – 135 g bags Werther’s Originals
1 box Kettle Corn
1 box Act II butter popcorn
1 box Mike & Ike candy
A bag Jolly Rancher’s
1 bag McCormick’s Jube Santa candy
2 – 50 g Caramilk bars
2 bags mini Pretzels
1 – 400 g Belgian chocolate bar
1 – 250 g chocolate covered pretzels
1 bag Chicago Mix popcorn

Spa Lady Gift Basket

$25 Kenegdo Salon GC
1 lemon scented candle
1 Jasmine scented candle
1 Almond Hemp Pure Castile soap
3 bath loofah’s
1 – 8 oz B&B works lotion
8 bottles nail polish (various colours)
1 box 6 mini bottles nail polish 
1 – 340 mL Arbonne Shea butter
1 set Herbacin hand cream
2 B&B Works hand soap
1 Body Shop comb
1 stainless stell micro file
2 – 2 pk nail files
2 – 70 g Shea cashmere hand cream
1 nail clippers
1 – 60 mL Body Shop hair conditioner
1 Hot-Cold Therapy pack
1 – 30 mL Renew lotion
1 L Alpen milk bath
1 – 10 oz Olay body wash
1 bar Dove soap
1 set toe separator
1 – 3 oz B&B Works shower gel
1 – 50 mL Body Shop hair butter
2 – 7 oz body wash
3 single nail files
1- 3 oz coconut lime body lotion
1 box set SHE aromatherapy
1 – 50 mL anti-aging moisturizer

New Year’s Gift Basket

6 bottles Sparkling Cider
8 party prize crackers
12 plastic wine goblets
Disco ball
12 glow sticks
Dare Uno game
4 glitter tiara’s
Air horn
1 pkg mini umbrellas
3 pkg sparklers
44 party horns
8 beaded necklaces
Large balloon

Reader’s Corner Gift Basket

Pillow, blanket, bean bag
2 pillow pets
Beanie ball
Disney Classics book (hard cover)
Fleece blanket
2 - Mighty Robots books
“Dork Diaries” book
“10 True Tales Surviving Sharks” book
“3 Billy Goats Gruff” book
“All By Myself” (by Mercer Mayer) book
“Rainy Day Friends” book
“Elmo’s Merry Christmas” book
“Because of Winn Dixie” book

Baking Gift Set

Wilton cupcake holder
Cooling rack
Wilton 9x13 metal nonstick cake pan
Company’s Coming Cookbook
Muffin cups (variety)
2 whisks
3 knife set – carbon steel
Spatula set
Cake decorator set
Pampered Chef mix’n’scraper
Designer kitchen towels
4 sets oven mitts
Gingerbread cookie kit
2 measuring cups
Measuring spoons
12 cake mixes
Cookie scoop
Apron set
Chocolate icing
Cupcake insert set
Cake doughnut silicone mold
Cupcake decorative stand
Mesh strainer set
Foil baking pans
Basting brush - silicone
4 spatulas

Kids’ Crafts Gift Basket

1 – 125 pc bag googly eyes
1 -128 pc bag foam beads
1 – 60 pc bag wooden craft sticks
1 – 85 g pack modeling clay 
1 set of 4 finger paints
1 pkg craft scissors
1 – 300 pc craft pack
1 – 50 pc painting set
1 – 29 pc drawing art set
1 – 48 pc pipe cleaners
1 pack watercolour paper

Sports Gift Basket

6 – 355 mL Gatorade
1 large Nike golf shirt
2 Tupperware water bottles
7 men’s  anti-perspirants 
2 women’s anti-perspirants
1 Calgary Flames washcloth
1 Oilers washcloth
1 Packers small plush football
1 stainless steel Thermos
1 kid’s Contigo water bottle
1 – 523 mL body wash
1 – 89 mL Axe shower gel
4 mini hockey sticks
3 tennis balls
2 squish balls

Sunday, November 22, 2015

November School Council Meeting Minutes

RES Council Meeting
November 16th, 2015
In Attendance:
Marlin Hogg, Elaine Ross, Jaime Jensen, Connie Shurtz, Jen Wegwitz, Jen Smith, Nancy Rose, Barb Nickle, Carmen Lowry, Rachael Miller, Christal Bevans, Natalie Ball, Loretta Cahoon
1. Discussion on new bylaw -how to get a community member
bylaw 4.6
·       Member of the school community will be approved by council
must be a majority vote so we as a council will vote and appoint

2. Fundraiser Progress -Natalie
·       how will money be spent? Decided on to save for reserve and properly dispensed when the decision is made
-        Some ideas being  buddy benches for the play ground, tether balls and stands, planters for the legacy courtyard etc
·       where will they be displayed? high school foyer to the right when you walk in posters will be displayed all over town with pictures. Will be working with  Diane Dunn at the pharmacy to coordinate silent auction on baskets
·       night of auction what jobs will need to be done? We will need 1/2 hour shifts and lots of volunteers
·       have contact number just one for advanced bidding till Dec 3rd and then to  get updates
·       final bids will be tallied and winners will be called and pick up and money due the next day
3. Mr Hogg presentation
- Engagement training:
·       Engagement structures and role playing
·       all teachers came together to learn new ways to engage all students and get them more involved with the 21st century
·       a) rows ask one student
·       b) groups and assignments bring one or two shy can still hide and depend on others to do the work and lead
·       c) quiz quiz trade technique - engaged structure in our classrooms
·       Groupings of 4 {Kagan Cooperative Learning Book}
This year’s budget:
·       This year’s budget is $93,000 the entire school budget including some upkeep but not salaries
·       all costs come back to the individual schools
·       Tech Budget- computers on a 5 year program
·       what a teaching station looks like desk, projector, computer
               a} $8000 to technology {final call on clearing vendors is a division decision}
               b} Literacy- libraries in every classroom
- $1000 to each classroom that's $33,000 for the year for books and bookcases per classroom
·       reading level  appropriate  materials per grade
·       School Library is a 10th of the budget in spending and upkeep
·       grade teams and team leads have a budget of $2000 that is directly related to student learning
·       receipts and accountability of spending
·       $2000 for curriculum related materials and $100 towards incentives per class
·       $16,000 more for furnishings and more desks making every dollar count
·       $10,000 for PD days so that every teachers capacity increases
·       Water fountains are being fundraised for from our cookie dough etc fundraisers
- 3 year plan:
·       AERR/ED 3 year plan info on school website its 40 pages long
·       accountability surveys determine alot
·       our parent communication was lacking when we did the free bike draw incentive we had 63 out of the 75 doing the survey now
·       we get  6 parents we need awareness and more to do the survey as it benefits our school
·       need parent council to help with parent communication to educate the parents so we can boost survey numbers
a} 93%tile on PATS/SLA's accountability statement to government states that an absent is a zero which scores low for our teachers
- SLA's -Student learning assessment  {teachers spend 6 weeks preparing their students to get ready for the test then start curriculum after that's finished so they are behind
- We will be having different training meetings starting in January they will be taped future topics ie. technology, etc

4. ASCA training -Rachael
·       agenda made before hand with principle and all agenda items handed in 3 days before the deadline
·       safe environment for all
·       rules of order ?
·       time management and how much time spent on discussions of items, time limits
·       reviewing budgets and plans
5. Goals
·       refer to goals - will be voting on goals next meeting - look over and we will vote
·       educate parents
·       online training possibly?
·       training meetings on different topics needs to be at least 20 people signed up to be successful
·       *be specific on topic presenting once we have the topics we can go ahead
·       find topics and go from there what do parents want to learn? make it interactive?
·       do video clips with a teacher and students
·       have topic lists for training interests
·       staff appreciate at the end of January

NEXT MEETING: WED., DEC 9th  @ 9 am in board room
January meeting: Jan 13th @ 9am

Sunday, November 8, 2015

School Council fundraiser themes and assigned classes

This fundraiser will be collecting NEW themed items until Tues. Nov.10. Used items will not be considered. Items collected will be used to make gift baskets to be auctioned off and funds raised will be used for activities and programs at RES. Thanks to all who help to contribute!

1. Theme-Christmas (Mrs. Thomson & Mr. Gilson’s classes)
examples: home decor, small Christmas crafts, cd, non perishable
Christmas treat
2. Theme-Princess (Mrs. Boles’ AM & PM classes)
examples: Small toys, colouring books, reading books, dress up articles
3. Theme-Crafts (Miss French’s AM & PM classes)
examples: scrapbook paper, glitter, paint, paint brushes
4. Theme-Reader’s corner (Mrs. Turner & Mr. Shawn Jensen’s classes)
examples: Books, soft blanket/pillow
5. Theme-Sports (Ms. Tulk & Mr. Jeff Hill’s classes)
examples: Balls, Antiperspirant, jersey, body wash
6. Theme-Sweet and Salty (Miss Jamie Jensen & Miss Jodie Jensen’s
examples: non perishable sweet or salty treats
7. Theme-Spa (Mrs. Bohner & Mrs. Bright classes)
examples: Nail polish, face masks, loofa sponges, body wash, lotion, bath
8. Theme-Kids Bath Time (Mrs. Heggie’s AM & PM classes)
examples: Bubble bath, bath toys, body wash
9. Theme-Chocolate (Mrs. D’agnone & Mr. Dudley’s classes)
examples: non perishable chocolate treats
10. Theme-Family Fun Night (Mrs. Beck & Mrs. Ikeda classes)
examples: games, popcorn, iTunes gift card, snack food
11. Theme-Baker’s Delight (Mrs Leavitt and Mrs. Caldwell’s classes)
examples: baking tins, cake mixes, recipe books, apron
12. Theme-New Year’s Party (Mr. Stone and Miss Fairbank’s classes)
examples: Sparkling cider, hats, noise makers, streamers, decor
13. Theme-Emergency Preparedness (Mr. Stevenson & Mrs. Tollestrup’s
examples: flashlights, batteries, candles, radio, emergency blanket
14. Theme-New Baby (Girl) (Miss Campbell & Mr. Greep’s Classes)
examples: blankets, pacifiers, small toys, wipes, clothes
15. Theme-New Baby (Boy) (Miss Anreachuk & Mr. Rob Hill classes)

November Council Meeting

The November School Council meeting will be MONDAY Nov. 16 beginning promptly at 9am in the Gathering Area.  

School Council October Meeting Minutes

RES Council Meeting
October 14, 2015
(Which will be starting promptly at 9:00 am)

In Attendance: Mr. Hogg Mrs Ross Ms. Jensen
Connie Shurtz, Christal Bevans, Cheri Gilbert, Carmen Lowry, Natalie Ball, Alana Sala, Jenn Smith, Rachael Miller, Nancy Rose

Vote on new bylaw (adding community member)
-        Need to officially change bylaws for the other new positions as well

Discussion on the addition of adding a community member to bring a different perspective to the group on a community level of thinking

In Favor:
Natalie Ball
Alana Sala
Nancy Rose
Rachael Miller

Not in Favor:
Christal Bevans
Carmen Lowry
Cheri Gilbert
{Jaime Jensen}
Motioned Forward

Ways to Advertise position of community volunteer
Newspaper ad
Town Website
Bulletin Boards

Need to be added in By-Laws
-Volunteer Pizza Positions
-Community Person
Update From Treasurer {Carmen}
Balance is 1578.06
Fundraiser made around 900
Donated to AR program was in the amount of $400

Extra money left over from previous fundraiser
Fundraiser progress – Natalie 
Baskets for fundraiser coming soon to be silent auctioned off at town Christmas party
Next week letter /general email explaining what will happen 2 classes per basket theme to be decided by Mr. Hogg what classes will go together ... Suggested maybe book buddy classes together?
Nov 5 will be deadline for all stuff collected to be in
Displayed in various places from Nov 9 roughly to December 3rd December 4th they will be auctioned off hopefully where Santa will be.
Need to collect boxes to take to the classes to collect the goods the children bring in Connie Shurtz has some etc
THEME'S are:
Spa for women, Bath for kids, Chocolate, Movie Night/ Family Fun, Bakers Delight, New Year Party, Emergency Kit, New Baby Girl, New Baby Boy, Super Hero, Sweet & Salty, Craft Basket, Christmas, Gardener, Family Reading, Sports,

Review of family dance
o   Things that went well
o   Notes for next year
Stated that it was nice to have teacher night on the same night
Ran out of cups Suggested that maybe McDonalds would donate cups for our school
Document and make a binder so fundraisers like these are easy to plan and know numbers etc
Room Reps picked in first week of school to help in the sign ups for cakes and refreshments
Fences won't guarantee kids stay in that area
Flood lights for outside? Dance will always be inside as supervision will be there up to parents to watch their own children should they be outside.
Mr. Hogg – new training for teachers -To be discussed at next meeting
o   Brief explanation on nuts in the school

Allergy Tolerant School but no guarantee on complete Nut Free advised not to bring any nut related projects but hard to control

REFER to flow chart when fielding parents and others who need answers
Newsletter to go to 2 pages easy read easy links much better short and sweet

Media Friday coming up "drive slow mom" news coming it's a big deal

-        Goals
o   Brief discussion and choosing of goals, based on the goals already presented

School Council instead of parent council on FB terminology
Submit a council calendar to all of us

Decided to meet at a separate time to discuss goals in length
Measurable Goals Specific Measures for success
Safety concern – Loni
o   Children safety issue brought up by a bus driver
Bus Chaos discussed Buses having a hard time getting out to the road with the congestion
only 1 adult on bus supervision it seems 
actually 5 out there on the playground and crossing guards
DECIDED on making a plan with the operators and training staff and bus operators
Communication - Cheri
Discussed being fully clear on fees how they are broken down and common knowledge so people have the choice on what they are actually paying for
Communication between school and community to many places to look for things cut it down to a central on and clear links to find other events and school related things

Meeting Adjourned till Monday November16th @ 9am  

Council Meeting Wednesday, November 15th 2017

Raymond Elementary School Council Meeting Wednesday, November 15 th 2018 8:45am In attendance: Marlin Hogg, Ela...