Tuesday, September 27, 2016

RES Council Meeting Schedule

RES Council Meeting Schedule
2016/2017 School Year

All school council meetings this school year will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, except the January meeting (which is the 3rd Wednesday because of holidays that month.)
All meetings will be held in the board room, which is room 0, unless otherwise posted.
Remember, all parents of RES students are welcome to attend these meetings.
The agenda is made a week in advance and will be posted on the RES council blog and FB page prior to the meeting.

Sept. 14th – 9:00 am
Oct. 12th – 7:00 pm
Nov. 9th – 9:00 am
Dec. 14th – 9:00 am
Jan. 18th – 9:00 am
Feb. 8th – TBA 
March 8th – 9:00 am
April 12th – 9:00 am
May 10th – 9:00 am
June 14th – 7:00 pm – will include the school council elections for the next school year

September Meeting Minutes

RES Council Meeting
September 14, 2016

Attendance: Marlin Hogg, Elaine Ross, Jamie Jensen, Connie Shurtz, Loni Sala, Jen Bennett,
 Candice Bullock, Meghan First Charger, Christal Bevans, Rhonda Steed, J’Ana Smith, Lindsay Baldry, Natalie Ball, Cheri Gilbert, Tasha Reeve, Derra Murray, Jen Wegwitz, Jen Smith, Jessica Salmon,
 Rachel Miller.

Voting of new members-
Jessica Salmon- Secretary 

Barb Nickel- Resigns from communications position

Student Council goals for 2016
  • Bridge the gap between school & parents 
  • Improve Communications
  • Educate Parents ( remind them of events, let them know councils goals, purpose of student council, volunteer opportunities)

Lindsay & Rhonda-
School Dance fundraising funds & purpose   
  • Purpose for kids to have fun & parents  to mingle with one another 
  • Movement centers for each classroom in the school is the goal 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Current RES Council Bylaws

145N – 200W, Raymond, Alberta.

1. Name

1.1 The name of the school council shall be Raymond Elementary School Council (RESC).

2. Goals

2.1 The goals of the school council, in keeping with the School Act and the School Councils Regulation, are to:
2.1.1 provide advice (i.e., input) to the staff and principal on issues of importance, such as the school philosophy, mission and vision, school discipline policies, school improvement plans, programs, and budget allocations to meet student needs
2.1.2 stimulate continuous improvement in meaningful involvement by all members of the school community
2.1.3 facilitate collaboration among concerned participants of the school community
2.1.4 support an approach to schooling in which decisions are made collaboratively and, wherever possible, at the school and classroom level
2.1.5 facilitate the development of a common vision for our school
2.1.6 provide an annual Council report to the school board and the school community
2.1.7 keep the school board informed—in cooperation with the principal—of the needs of the school
2.1.8 support the school in its efforts to focus teachers‘ time and school resources on the essential tasks of teaching and learning
2.1.9 facilitate communication with educational stakeholders and the community.
3. Definitions

3.1 In these by-laws:

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September 2016 Council Meeting Agenda

RES Council Meeting
Sept. 14, 2016
-       5 min - Welcome and Introductions

-       5 min - Voting of new members
o   Secretary

-       5 min - Presentation of goals - Rachael

-       10 min - Family Dance progress – Rhonda & Lindsay

-       10 min - Healthy Snack Fridge – Jen W.
o   Progress of the fridge, timeline, and how it will run
o   Assembly details

-       15 min - Mr. Hogg
o    Meet the teacher
§  Why it was changed, how staff feel it went, and future plans
o   Hot lunches
§  Allocation of funds
o   Year-long progress report

-       5 min - Volunteering – Rachael
o   Brief explanation/suggestion
o   Police checks and family intervention

-       5 min - Calendaring
o   Future meetings
§  Next month, evening mtg?
§  Stick to 2nd Wed every month?
§  Discuss how many evening mtgs
o   World Teacher Day – Oct 5th

Council Meeting Wednesday, November 15th 2017

Raymond Elementary School Council Meeting Wednesday, November 15 th 2018 8:45am In attendance: Marlin Hogg, Ela...