Tuesday, May 10, 2016


RES Council Meeting
May 11th, 2016
(Which will be starting promptly at 9:00 am, at the school)

-         10 min - AGM – confirm time – June 8th at 7:00 – advertise 21 days before (May 18th)
o   Someone in charge of advertising
o   Volunteer appreciation – details
§      Someone in charge of the volunteer appreciation – form a committee of council members – Loni and Nancy
§      Vote on using $ for food
§      Hear plans from Loni – discuss any other details needed

-         5 min - Jen - Evaluation tasting day
o   And any fridge updates?

-         15 min - Financial goals for next year
o   Carmen – financial update
§      ?present the update at the AGM?
o   Rachael – outline possibilities
§      Lock-down kits – donate an amount
§      Having a fund for field trips, etc for kids that cannot afford
§      Sponsor the DARE anti-bullying program
§      Sponsor a Fine Arts guest to the school
§      Should we make a decision today or wait til September?

-         10 min - Marlin
o   Hot lunch money – how it is used for the school

-         5 min - Book drive
o   The grade 6’s, under the direction of Mr Gilson would like to have a book drive (gently-used books) for schools in Fort McMurray
§      Would parents be supportive of this?
§      Would we help get the word out?

-         5 min - Cheri – review of the ASCA conference

-         5 min - Family Dance – discuss if and when
o   If we are doing it in September we need to set a tentative date today and then vote on it next mtg with the new council

-         5 min - Positions for the upcoming school year
o   list which positions we will need to fill
§      those not returning need to send Rachael a review of their position and responsibilities

-         5 min - Santa’s gone loonie - Lindsay Baldry

-         5 min - Discuss any changes to bylaws
o   6.3 – each position have a 2 yr term (if the person chooses to)
o   7.9 – change to the end of the current school year?
o   7.9.3 – a person can run for the same position again, but must be re-elected
o   Any others? – if so, they can submit them to the council via email and we can decide through email which ones to have voted on at the AGM

-         Next mtg: June 8th at 7:00 pm

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