Tuesday, June 21, 2016

RES School Council AGM and June meeting minutes

RES Council Meeting Minutes
AGM Elections June 15th, 2016

In attendance: Marlin Hogg, Elaine Ross, Jamie Jensen, J'Ana Smith, Rhonda Steed, Lindsay Baldry, Pam Shaw, Scott Shaw, Tasha Reeve, Loretta Cahoon, Jen Wegwitz, Cheri Gilbert, Carmen Lowry, Loni Sala, Rachael Miller, Meagan First Charger, Ron Riemen, Diane Nelson, Connie Shurtz, Nancy Rose, Natalie Ball, Jen Bennett, Christal Bevans

Welcome -Rachael Miller

Financial Report -Carmen Lowry
-Money allotted to the bullying program and lock down kits
-Financial chart & graph passed around to show a break down of this year's financial spending
-Healthy Snack Fridge $4600 grant , fridge is purchased and will be here in July. Ready for program to start the last week of September
June 23rd Orientation- Marlin
-It was determined by the board to do a full day last day with orientation, but after deliberation was decided it was too much and will now be the last hour of the carnival day on the 23rd
-1/2 day Carnival Div 1 –swim, Div 2 - carnival bouncy houses, etc at 11 am the 

grade 6 students will be dismissed for home and all others will be sent to their new next year classes
- There will be no posted classroom lists of students and teachers this year due to FOIP issues
-Children will be dismissed at noon for the summer
Minister Eggen's Curriculum announcement -Loni
-September will start the rewrite of the curriculum it will take 6 years before it goes into effect
k-4- 2018
Grades 5-8-2019
Grades 9-12- 2020-2022
-school councils need to have a say
-accountability testing process will be changed
- SLA's in, PAT's out - eventually
-Continue to be updated through the ASCA website and through our rep Loni Sala

BY LAWS Additions and forward amendments

By law 5.2. As examples., these projects can include family school dance, pizza days, and healthy snack fridge..... All in favor added to by laws and Vote is unanimous
1st Rachael Miller 2nd Jen Wegawitz

By law 5.4 Parent leaders may consist of the following: Room mom reps, Hot lunch rep, Healthy Eating Coordinator  add in Jen Wegawitz
1st Rachael Miller 2nd Cheri Gilbert Vote is unanimous

By law 6.3 The member of the council executive will be a member of the council executive from the time of their appointment until the end of the annual general meeting, up to (2) consecutive school years. The member of council executive cannot hold the same position on council executive for more than (2) consecutive years.
All in favor vote is unanimous

By law 7.9.4 The current executive will continue to carry out their pre-existing projects for the school year. All in favor vote is unanimous

By law 8.5.1 Preschool Rep. must have a child attending Raymond Elementary Preschool. They can hold the position for (1) one year. All in favor vote is unanimous
By law 11.3 Special Meetings
11.3.1 The Council may at any time give notice of a special meeting of the Council. The notice will be given in the manner determined by the council but must be given at least 1 day before the meeting. The notice will state the time, date and place of the meeting and describe the matters to be dealt with.
All in favor vote is unanimous 

Elections for Positions for the 2016-2017 school year                                                          
President {Chair} -Rachael Miller
Vice -Co-Chair - Loni Sala
Past Chair- Jen Smith
Treasurer- J'Ana Smith
Fundraising Coordinator- Rhonda Steed/ Lindsay Baldry
Communication Director- Barb Nickle
Blog Communication- Carmen Lowry
Volunteer Coordinators- Tasha Reeve / Natalie Ball
Preschool Rep- Cheri Gilbert
Pizza-  Lindsay Baldry/ Karen Salmon
Members At Large- Jen Bennett ,Connie Shurtz, Candice Bullock
Room Reps-
Are to be chosen by teachers and in hopefully by the end of this school year in preparation of the new council year
Family Dance 2016 scheduled tentatively for Thursday, Sept, 22

NEXT School Council Meeting  Sept 14th 9 am

Council Meeting Wednesday, November 15th 2017

Raymond Elementary School Council Meeting Wednesday, November 15 th 2018 8:45am In attendance: Marlin Hogg, Ela...