Thursday, November 17, 2016

Council Meeting November 9, 2016

RES Student Council Meeting
November 9, 2016

Attendance: Natalie Ball, Loni Sala, Connie Shurtz, Jessica Salmon , Jamie Jensen, Mr.Hogg, Elaine Ross, Christal Bevans, Jen Smith, Rachel Miller, Karen Salmon, Candice Bullock, Tasha Reeve.

Karen Salmon: Healthy Snack Fridge 
  • We need a way to promote donations / parent donations
  • Snacks are costing about $0.33
  • Skip the dip? Kids are trying to sell them & spilling them all over the place
  • Petty cash system from Parent Council 
Run a petty cash system from council for the healthy snack fridge
Natalie- I propose that there will be a petty cash system used from parent council to run the healthy snack fridge & with the max amount of $700 out. 
2nd- Connie 
Majority Vote- All in favor 
  • Parent Council will keep $500 in the account at all times 
  • We can have a carryover next year – J’Ana will be in charge of the petty cash
  • Donations will be cleared from West Winds for a tax refund

Principal Training –Mr. Hogg
  • Fire Drills & Lock Down 

  • 1st Week in September
  • There is an automatic fire system to notify the police, fire station & school divisional office 
  • There will be a fire drill done on a snowy day just so the kids can practice grabbing coats, boots, etc.
  • Every student is accounted & the school is empty in 2 minutes & 4 seconds 
  • They kids gather at all far corners of school & across the street 
  • There is a staff member check in system. Everyone has a specific job & each one can account for kids & specific areas 
  • The firemen come in full gear, with a smoke machine & fire engines. This is to help children be aware of what could happen. There are also secondary routes that kids learn as well
  • We have 2 lock down drills a year & each student is accounted for in 1min & 45seconds
  • There is an automated call out so people are aware 
  • 98% of all lock down drills are to keep kids out of danger there isn’t always danger in the school. It could be around the school or in town. 
  • Each classroom will have emergency kits in them by this December 
In those kits there will be food, handsets for communications, games, class list & a bucket for the bathroom
 The emergency headquarters will be at the Town Hall
  • Once RCMP is onsite they become the #1 in command 
  • #2 in command is central office
  • 4 members of the admin team have 3 specific questions they are asked, they have to know about the kids in the classrooms, attendance & teachers
  • There would be an email sent out to parents & staff explaining the situation 
  • Updates will be through email & from the town hall 
  • All parents will be directed to the town hall, Please do not come to the school for any reason 
  • Once the situations is safe kids are physically handed to their parents at pick up from the school 
  • The school has been approved for an LED panel outside of the school, safety info / updates would be put on it

School Parking Issues- Mr. Hogg
  • There have been warnings given out for angle parking on the side of the road by the parent link center.
  • This is a by-law in place by the Town of Raymond not the school 
  • A vehicle isn’t parked when a driver is in the driver seat, it becomes parked when you leave the seat & exit the vehicle. 
  • You can park and wait for kids in your car but if you leave your car its considered parked 

  • This by-law is in effect from the corner of the stop sign that is in front of the parent link parking and it goes all the way down the road to the LDS seminary building 
  • There have been many suggestions made for parking ideas such as, timed parking, chalk mark, etc.
  • If you are dropping off kids you are welcome to angle park but must remain in your car
  • Our main concern is the safety of all 745  kids who attend our school 
  • Parking, Unloading curbside
  • The current by-laws from the Town of Raymond are 
    • Angle parking in front of the school 
    • Across the street there is parallel parking 
    • There is staff parking 
    • There are 8 spots from the parking lot used for parent link center
    • We have a pull out/drop off zone 
  • This is a Town issue that the school isn’t in charge of what happens
  • If there are comments, concerns or questions then parents are welcome to take them to the Town office 
  • Mr. Hogg will be providing a map & the areas will be highlighted in which parking is available 

School Council Training Meeting- Loni
  • Information will be brought up at our January meeting 

Blanket Project- Rachel 
  • We have 3 volunteers for this project thus far & are still happy to have more 
  • We need to have someone be in charge of the material pricing & purchasing 
  • The school will provide the money for the materials 
  • What is the budget?
  • What size of fabric do we need for blankets?

Survey Reminder- 
  • November 18th the surveys need to be filled out 

Report Cards will be sent home in 2 weeks
  • Gr.1 monthly report cards have positive feedback!!

Meeting Adjourned until Wednesday December 14, 2016
@ 9:00 am in the conference room

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