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RES Parent Council Meeting January 18, 2017

RES Parent Council Meeting
January 18, 2017

Attendance: Elaine Ross, Marlin Hogg, Jamie Jensen, Natalie Ball, Jennifer Bennett, Cheri Gilbert, Lindsey Baldry, Connie Shurtz, J’Ana Smith, Christal Bevans, Jen Smith, Jessica Salmon , Loni Sala, Rachael Miller, Dave Reeve 

Mr. Hogg- Principal Training
  • IMR- Building fund money will be going to a LED panel that will be outside our school. It will be a source of communication & if we ever go into a lockdown it will provide information for parents. 
  • Lockdown Kits
  • $7,000 will go to a pilot technology frame work system for monitors, apple tv’s and smart boards. This will be for the class rooms & to stay up on technology in the classroom. There is training that goes into these things so they are utilized properly. 
  • $4,000 for our paper budget, we send 1.5 million papers through our copy machines in a year. 

  • We would like to retire the blue waiting chairs that are outside the office for some updated ones. 
  • $500 maintenance   
  • Principals budget $10,000 in PD strategies training 
  • The ATA- gives the school division/ each dept. get a $ amount per teacher to use in education
  • $30,000 literacy - $1,000 was given to each teacher to build up their classroom library 
    • Money for literacy project. We have 3 trained EA’s to help students reading be at their current grade level. Each student will have a 6 week one on one with an EA to go over reading techniques and strategies to help them.
    • 91% of the student body is at reading level 
  • $2,000 is money given to each grade. All of the teachers have to agree on how the funds are spent & the best use for their grade.
  • $1,000 Fine Arts- Music & Instruments 
  • $3,000 P.E.- Equipment & Resources 
  • $3,000 Special E.D.- Money goes to movement equipment 
  • Preschool - $ that goes into this program is what parents pay monthly to have it up & running 
  • $4,000 Student Events - $3,000 of that $ will go to the carnival. We have a carnival committee & we want to make this big in our school again.
Education Plan: 
  • There is a survey that goes out to parents who have children in 4th, 7th and 10th grades 
  • It is an annual education plan survey that comes from the government. It is essential a report card of the school from the government based on returned survey’s from parents. 
  • We have scored good in the following areas 
    • Safe & caring school 
    • Student learning opportunities
    • Student leaning achievement (we are in the top 3-5% in the province)
    • Citizenship-how well are our students part of a society 
  • We have some improvement areas 
    • Communication with parents 
    • We are communicating with parents through emails, newsletters and the website
  • We would love if parents with children in these grades would do the survey to help us. Last year we only had 7 people complete and turn it in 
  • The education plan can be accessed on-line 

Jamie Jensen-
 Winter Olympics : 
  • We will be holding a Winter Olympics this year and we are really excited about it. 
  • The students will be divided up in divisions. 
    • Division 1 with a student from grades 1,2,3 on a team 
    • Division 2 with a student from grades 4,5,6, on a team 
  • There will be 7 events 
    • Bob sled, human curling, break station (hot chocolate & cookies), obstacle course, biathlon, hockey/floor hockey, skiing 
  • This event will take place February 10th. We would love to have volunteer! We would love help with the events as well as the break station running it & the treats. 

Elaine Ross-
Dare to Care:
  • The Dare to Care program is brought to the students & parents by the Administration as well as the Parent Council. Rhonda Steed will be doing the advertisements for us to get the word out so we have wonderful attendance. 
  • This program is to help us understand the difference between bullying and conflict
  • How we as adults can help & assist the children  in our lives 
  • This program will be taught by a presenter she will be at our school February 8 & 9th 
On these two days she will hold assembly’s for the students at the school & hold a nightly meeting for parents or anyone who would like to attend.
  • The nightly meeting will be held Wednesday February 8th @7-9 pm in the gym here at RES.
  • Parent Council voted to give $100 to Dare to Care program. This money will be in the form of a door prize for school fees to be paid.

Equipment: Movement 
  • Money Raised from the dance will go to movement equipment. The equipment has been decided upon & the council will pay for it. 

One School One Book
  • The book has been decided upon this year & the author is native to Canada. 
  • With the book this year somethings we have for activities include:
    • Movie Night 
    • Toy Drive for the Ronald McDonald house 
    • Children’s Cancer Foundation Donation- We will be donating $ in the name of one of our staff members child. 
    • The author will be coming to our school to visit
    • Cupcake day- if parent council can oversee the sales of the cupcakes & help organize them. If room moms could contact parents in their classes to help have donations come in. 
  • The opening assembly will be March 3rd & will run for four weeks
  • We could have a lunch hour reading to give an opportunity for children to read their book if they don’t have a chance to read it at home.

Parking:We met in December to discuss the issue of parking & new signs 
  • We went to a meeting where in attendance was Ron Fromm, Stephen Heggie & Mr.Hogg
  • The school will be paying for & having the signs printed 
  • The signs will be in front of the bus zone and along that side of the street 
  • Angle parking, 10 min zone just for drop off
  • Bus Loading Zone pull through –no angle parking, student drop off-no parking
  • We have been talking with the town about sign proposals- nothing is decided on quite yet. We are trying to get the signs right & the wording how we would like them to read. 
  • We will ask the peace officers for help in educating parents or drivers once the new signs are placed at the school 

2017-2018 School Calendar 
  • Divisional council meeting 
  • How does the calendar positively impact student leaning 
  • What do we like or not like?
  • We don’t like PD days on Monday’s the majority would like them to be on Friday
  • Some people don’t like how the Christmas break schedule was & some enjoyed it
    • It is nice how it was this year because we had 3 weekends & 2 full weeks. That making it a nice break for our teachers. 
  • Why do teachers have to stay all day on Friday? Could they just stay for the morning? 
  • PD days are for improvement training days to help teachers 
  • PLC days are for improvements to   help students achieve. We have had them for about 15 years. 
  • Divisional Council Meeting will be held Thursday 26th @ 10-12 pm. 
Healthy Snack Fridge 
  • The older grades go first so they get first pick so we are going to divide the fridge in 2 sides
  • DIV 1 & DIV 2
  • Stats to date we have used 17 cases of apples & over 10 thousand snacks 
  • Parent Council will continue to run the fridge 

ATA- Teachers tool kit reference document for teachers LGBTQ:
  • This is a resource guide for teachers to have to address issues or questions that may come up in a classroom setting regarding the LGBTQ community 
  • AGM is the end of April & the division will pay for two people to attend
  • Membership votes- Resolution 
  • The policy is too late this year for a resolution but we could be thinking of something we would like to write for next year. 
  • What do we think of this tool kit?
  • We can contact Antonia in Lethbridge to see if they have a resolution & maybe we can piggy back it
  • What do we want the resolution to be?  
  • We spent a lot of time going over the curriculum redesign this year so next year the focus will be this tool kit
  • 1 vote per school so it is 1 vote per council 

Adjourn Meeting – Rachael 

Next Meeting February 15th @ 9:00 am in the conference room 

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