Sunday, November 22, 2015

November School Council Meeting Minutes

RES Council Meeting
November 16th, 2015
In Attendance:
Marlin Hogg, Elaine Ross, Jaime Jensen, Connie Shurtz, Jen Wegwitz, Jen Smith, Nancy Rose, Barb Nickle, Carmen Lowry, Rachael Miller, Christal Bevans, Natalie Ball, Loretta Cahoon
1. Discussion on new bylaw -how to get a community member
bylaw 4.6
·       Member of the school community will be approved by council
must be a majority vote so we as a council will vote and appoint

2. Fundraiser Progress -Natalie
·       how will money be spent? Decided on to save for reserve and properly dispensed when the decision is made
-        Some ideas being  buddy benches for the play ground, tether balls and stands, planters for the legacy courtyard etc
·       where will they be displayed? high school foyer to the right when you walk in posters will be displayed all over town with pictures. Will be working with  Diane Dunn at the pharmacy to coordinate silent auction on baskets
·       night of auction what jobs will need to be done? We will need 1/2 hour shifts and lots of volunteers
·       have contact number just one for advanced bidding till Dec 3rd and then to  get updates
·       final bids will be tallied and winners will be called and pick up and money due the next day
3. Mr Hogg presentation
- Engagement training:
·       Engagement structures and role playing
·       all teachers came together to learn new ways to engage all students and get them more involved with the 21st century
·       a) rows ask one student
·       b) groups and assignments bring one or two shy can still hide and depend on others to do the work and lead
·       c) quiz quiz trade technique - engaged structure in our classrooms
·       Groupings of 4 {Kagan Cooperative Learning Book}
This year’s budget:
·       This year’s budget is $93,000 the entire school budget including some upkeep but not salaries
·       all costs come back to the individual schools
·       Tech Budget- computers on a 5 year program
·       what a teaching station looks like desk, projector, computer
               a} $8000 to technology {final call on clearing vendors is a division decision}
               b} Literacy- libraries in every classroom
- $1000 to each classroom that's $33,000 for the year for books and bookcases per classroom
·       reading level  appropriate  materials per grade
·       School Library is a 10th of the budget in spending and upkeep
·       grade teams and team leads have a budget of $2000 that is directly related to student learning
·       receipts and accountability of spending
·       $2000 for curriculum related materials and $100 towards incentives per class
·       $16,000 more for furnishings and more desks making every dollar count
·       $10,000 for PD days so that every teachers capacity increases
·       Water fountains are being fundraised for from our cookie dough etc fundraisers
- 3 year plan:
·       AERR/ED 3 year plan info on school website its 40 pages long
·       accountability surveys determine alot
·       our parent communication was lacking when we did the free bike draw incentive we had 63 out of the 75 doing the survey now
·       we get  6 parents we need awareness and more to do the survey as it benefits our school
·       need parent council to help with parent communication to educate the parents so we can boost survey numbers
a} 93%tile on PATS/SLA's accountability statement to government states that an absent is a zero which scores low for our teachers
- SLA's -Student learning assessment  {teachers spend 6 weeks preparing their students to get ready for the test then start curriculum after that's finished so they are behind
- We will be having different training meetings starting in January they will be taped future topics ie. technology, etc

4. ASCA training -Rachael
·       agenda made before hand with principle and all agenda items handed in 3 days before the deadline
·       safe environment for all
·       rules of order ?
·       time management and how much time spent on discussions of items, time limits
·       reviewing budgets and plans
5. Goals
·       refer to goals - will be voting on goals next meeting - look over and we will vote
·       educate parents
·       online training possibly?
·       training meetings on different topics needs to be at least 20 people signed up to be successful
·       *be specific on topic presenting once we have the topics we can go ahead
·       find topics and go from there what do parents want to learn? make it interactive?
·       do video clips with a teacher and students
·       have topic lists for training interests
·       staff appreciate at the end of January

NEXT MEETING: WED., DEC 9th  @ 9 am in board room
January meeting: Jan 13th @ 9am

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