Sunday, November 8, 2015

School Council fundraiser themes and assigned classes

This fundraiser will be collecting NEW themed items until Tues. Nov.10. Used items will not be considered. Items collected will be used to make gift baskets to be auctioned off and funds raised will be used for activities and programs at RES. Thanks to all who help to contribute!

1. Theme-Christmas (Mrs. Thomson & Mr. Gilson’s classes)
examples: home decor, small Christmas crafts, cd, non perishable
Christmas treat
2. Theme-Princess (Mrs. Boles’ AM & PM classes)
examples: Small toys, colouring books, reading books, dress up articles
3. Theme-Crafts (Miss French’s AM & PM classes)
examples: scrapbook paper, glitter, paint, paint brushes
4. Theme-Reader’s corner (Mrs. Turner & Mr. Shawn Jensen’s classes)
examples: Books, soft blanket/pillow
5. Theme-Sports (Ms. Tulk & Mr. Jeff Hill’s classes)
examples: Balls, Antiperspirant, jersey, body wash
6. Theme-Sweet and Salty (Miss Jamie Jensen & Miss Jodie Jensen’s
examples: non perishable sweet or salty treats
7. Theme-Spa (Mrs. Bohner & Mrs. Bright classes)
examples: Nail polish, face masks, loofa sponges, body wash, lotion, bath
8. Theme-Kids Bath Time (Mrs. Heggie’s AM & PM classes)
examples: Bubble bath, bath toys, body wash
9. Theme-Chocolate (Mrs. D’agnone & Mr. Dudley’s classes)
examples: non perishable chocolate treats
10. Theme-Family Fun Night (Mrs. Beck & Mrs. Ikeda classes)
examples: games, popcorn, iTunes gift card, snack food
11. Theme-Baker’s Delight (Mrs Leavitt and Mrs. Caldwell’s classes)
examples: baking tins, cake mixes, recipe books, apron
12. Theme-New Year’s Party (Mr. Stone and Miss Fairbank’s classes)
examples: Sparkling cider, hats, noise makers, streamers, decor
13. Theme-Emergency Preparedness (Mr. Stevenson & Mrs. Tollestrup’s
examples: flashlights, batteries, candles, radio, emergency blanket
14. Theme-New Baby (Girl) (Miss Campbell & Mr. Greep’s Classes)
examples: blankets, pacifiers, small toys, wipes, clothes
15. Theme-New Baby (Boy) (Miss Anreachuk & Mr. Rob Hill classes)

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