Monday, February 22, 2016

February RES Council Meeting Minutes

RES Council Meeting
FEB 10, 2016

In attendance Marlin Hogg, Jaime Jensen, Elaine Ross, Nancy Rose, Natalie Ball, Alana Sala, Rachael Miller, Connie Shurtz, Christal Bevans, Cheri Gilbert, Carmen Lowry, Loretta Cahoon

Rachael Miller

Council Business
-Big thank you to parents for teacher treats and supervision that was provided for teachers last month greatly appreciated by all teachers

-Decided to delay community member addition and delegated to Natalie Ball to ask for next years council

Marlin Hogg

-Brief discussion on current issue {division’s safe and caring schools policy in response to government’s LGBTQ guidelines} Reading of document on its points and entirety,  fielded questions

-it is noted that Mr Hogg is in favor of policy and its contents
-questions and scenarios presented  on abuse of the policy and the rights of the parents and children
-what warrants not speaking to the parents
-reiterated that this is for ALL students’ safety

-noted that this is a draft policy - still a draft
-bathroom signs on staff bathrooms will be changed to sport a male/ female to be used by public {visitors only policy} they are gender neutral {it means our teachers gave up there staff bathrooms to accommodate this  bill and guidelines – hopefully by next week there will be 5 gender neutral bathrooms in our school

-a request that the Feb 22 school councils’ joint meeting be changed so that a public Westwind meeting can be held on that date in Magrath
-council decided to have the division meeting on the 22nd and then decide if a school council one is needed there after

-Grant Hunter to hold  a meeting Feb 12 @ 7pm Senior Center here in Raymond to address issues of bills trying to pass that greatly affect all of us

Elaine Ross

-One Book, One School assembly Feb 29th @ 9 am to unveil this year's book and theme

-need 16 dozen chocolate cupcakes Mar 2/3  they will be .50 cents each
-money from proceeds will be donated to the Kainai Shelter and food bank - a great cause

Zakk Morrison

AHS Health Promotion Coordinator
-Presentation on “Healthy Snack Fridge” project
-information needed to discuss the possibility of doing this at our school, what it is and how we go about it if we so choose
-Jen Wegwitz wrote up a proposal in favor of moving on with this venture and feels our school would greatly benefit from it
- Mr. Hogg wholeheartedly supports this venture and feels it would be a great thing for our school in helping our children
-Healthy students / better students
-big/little – it’s for everyone 
-cost for fridge is $4500 to get started
-Does it get abused? -it is self regulated but needs a teacher to be on the committee to oversee - Jay Bright is the Wellness Coordinator for the school
- needs fundraising and volunteers for food prep
-carrot sticks, apple sauce, muffins, bags of apples, etc. to run - needs parent donations and many volunteers
- Grants available to support this project
-would see a decrease for lunch requests from the office with the fridge

-decided this is a year or two strategy to work towards but decided to hand it over to Jen to head a committee if the time permits for them
-Council decision that a committee separate from school council would be best at this time, although committee head would be a member of school council

-Discussed Friday Tasting days from peppers to pears and trying new things and seeing how that goes for awhile next year if we so choose to go that route - voted on pursuing that idea - all in favor
-maybe set up a survey with help from Ms. Bright

Rachael Miller

-PLEASE do parent surveys sent in the mail and send in if you have questions or comments send to Mr. Hogg who will forward them to division office

- discussion on allocation of funds for next month - what % to what places - voted on and all in favor
-  to grade 1's and 2's reading program this year

Loni Sala

-presented “in-school field trip” idea put on by the U of L for different grades so they come to the school
-$120 fee and $3/kid - amazing programs but pricey for our school
-maybe fundraiser council fees to subsidise the cost
-teachers get 2 field trips a year, one education and one fun - so that adds in to the suggestion too

Cheri Gilbert

-$300 towards 5 grade 1's and the grade 2 classes reading program prizes
Cheri 1st
Rachael 2nd
and Christal/ Alana /Natalie/ Nancy/ Loretta -Forwarded in favor

Voted on approving current council goals being set as our 3 yr plan, and the goals to focus on this year will be revisited in the future
Rachael 1st
Alana 2nd
Christal /Cheri/ Alana/ Natalie/ Nancy/ Loretta

Voted to revisit in September on evening meetings as teacher hours have been upped significantly might not be fair to ask for all the extra time on our behalf
Rachael 1st
Alana 2nd
Christal/Alana/ Cheri/Natalie/Nancy/ Loretta


Till March 9th, 9 am

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