Monday, February 8, 2016

RES February Council Meeting

RES Council Meeting
Feb. 10, 2016
(Which will be starting promptly at 9:00 am, in the conference room)

-        Mr. Hogg –
o   Brief discussion on current issue (division’s Safe and Caring schools policy in response to government’s LGBTQ guidelines)
§      He will answer what questions he is able to from the information given at the principal’s mtg
o   Will do technology presentation next month

-        One school, one book – Elaine

-        Presentation by Zakk Morrison, Health Promotion Coordinator, on the Healthy Snack fridge project
o   Will just be presenting what a Healthy Snack fridge program is and how we would go about getting one at our school, and what is involved
o   This presentation will give us the information needed to discuss the possibility of doing this at our school  

-        Parent surveys  - coming out this month
o   Need a plan to encourage parents to fill them out – discuss

-        use of funds
o   money to gr 1’s and 2’s  - vote
o   Loni – indoor field trips
o   Jen – healthy snack fridge
o   Natalie(check with her) – buddy bench
o   Tether balls?
o   Other
o   VOTE

-        Goals – quick review of what has been sent out
o   Any changes
o   Vote
o   What to focus on for the rest of the school year

-        Evening training mtg – vote on revisiting this in September (or June)

-        Important dates for the next month

-        Other
o   Next month’s mtg – March 9th
o   Idea brought forward for next year Christmas fundraiser - Rachael

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