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Current RES Council Bylaws

145N – 200W, Raymond, Alberta.

1. Name

1.1 The name of the school council shall be Raymond Elementary School Council (RESC).

2. Goals

2.1 The goals of the school council, in keeping with the School Act and the School Councils Regulation, are to:
2.1.1 provide advice (i.e., input) to the staff and principal on issues of importance, such as the school philosophy, mission and vision, school discipline policies, school improvement plans, programs, and budget allocations to meet student needs
2.1.2 stimulate continuous improvement in meaningful involvement by all members of the school community
2.1.3 facilitate collaboration among concerned participants of the school community
2.1.4 support an approach to schooling in which decisions are made collaboratively and, wherever possible, at the school and classroom level
2.1.5 facilitate the development of a common vision for our school
2.1.6 provide an annual Council report to the school board and the school community
2.1.7 keep the school board informed—in cooperation with the principal—of the needs of the school
2.1.8 support the school in its efforts to focus teachers‘ time and school resources on the essential tasks of teaching and learning
2.1.9 facilitate communication with educational stakeholders and the community.
3. Definitions

3.1 In these by-laws:

3.1.1 "Council" means the Raymond Elementary School Council (RESC) for Raymond Elementary School;
3.1.2 "Parents" means parents or guardians of students attending the School;
3.1.3 "Regulation" means the School Councils Regulation under the School Act;
3.1.4 "School" means Raymond Elementary School.
3.1.5 "School Community" means persons (other than Parents and members of the School Staff) who have, in the opinion of the majority of the members of the Council, an interest in the School;
3.1.6 “Special Resolution” means a resolution passed at an annual general meeting or regular meeting of which not less than 21 days’ notice specifying the intention to propose the resolution and the specific amendment proposed has been duly given; and by a vote of not less than 75% of those voting members present at the meeting.

4. Members of Council

4.1 Membership includes all Parents or Guardians with children attending Raymond Elementary School.
4.2 There is no membership fee.
4.3 When an individual’s membership in the Council is in question, the status of a child’s registration at the school will be confirmed by school administration.
4.4 Membership in the Council may be revoked by Special Resolution at a general meeting for any just cause, provided such member is given the opportunity to have a proper hearing among his or her peers prior to the consideration of the Special Resolution. Such member’s privileges shall be suspended pending the outcome of the Special Resolution.
4.5 All teachers employed at the School are members of Council; however, at any given meeting, only up to two (2) teachers may have a vote.  
4.6 One (1) member of the School Community will be appointed by the Council.
4.6.1 The community representative can play a strong role in bringing the community perspective into the school. The member helps the school and school council build partnerships with the larger community and, in many instances, acts as a resource to promote cooperative ventures between community and school to enhance student learning.
4.7 Council Executive
4.7.1 The Council executive shall consist of: The principal of the School; and A minimum of four (4) members occupying the positions of Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and Communications Director; other positions of the executive can include Co-chairperson, Past Chairperson, Communications Assistant, Preschool Representative, Volunteer Coordinator, Volunteer Assistant, Fundraising Coordinator, and Members-at-Large. After consultation with the rest of the school council, only those on the Council Executive will have a vote.

5. Parent Leaders

5.1 Parent Members can volunteer to lead specific Council projects. 
5.2 As examples, these projects can include Family School Dance, Pizza Days, Healthy Snack Fridge, etc.
5.3 These Parent Leaders are appointed and will report to the Council Executive. 
5.4 Parent Leaders may consist of the following: Room Reps, Hot Lunch Rep., Healthy Eating Coordinator, etc.

6. Term of Membership

6.1 The principal will be a member of the Council for so long as the principal remains principal of the School.
6.2 Membership in the Council ends when a parent’s or guardian’s child no longer attends Raymond Elementary School. This represents how a member resigns from the Council. No written or verbal notice is required.
6.3 The member of the Council Executive will be a member of the Council Executive from the time of their appointment until the end of the next annual general meeting, up to (2) two consecutive school years. The member of the Council Executive cannot hold the same position on Council Executive for more than two (2) consecutive years. 
6.4 Teachers will be members of the Council while still employed at the School.

7. Election of Executive

7.1 Election of the executive for the new school year starting in September shall be held on or before June 30 of the previous school year at the AGM. 
7.2 Nominations for election may be made by any Parent in attendance at the meeting. Only Parents present at the meeting may vote for those nominated.
7.3 Members of Council may nominate themselves or any other Member for any Executive position. Every Member is eligible for any executive position. 
7.4 Voting for each position will be by show of hands and each Council member has one vote for the election of each executive position.
7.5 The member receiving the greatest number of votes for each executive position will be declared elected.
7.6 The election for Chair will be conducted first, followed by Secretary, and then Treasurer, and then Communication Director, and then for any other positions approved by a majority of the members of the council present.
7.7 Any member may propose additional executive positions at any meeting of the Council.  If the position is approved by a majority of the members of the Council present, an election to fill that position will be held immediately, in accordance with the procedures for election of the chair and secretary.
7.8 If there is no Chair elected, then the Co-Chair or Principal will chair meetings until a chair is elected. 
7.9 The new members elected will become members of Council Executive immediately after the close of the annual general meeting until the end of the next annual general meeting.
7.9.1 Any member of the Executive who misses three consecutive general meetings can be assumed to have resigned, unless special circumstances exist.
7.9.2 A member of the Executive may be removed for just cause by Special Resolution of the Council.
7.9.3 No one shall hold the same elected position on the Executive for more than two consecutive years.
7.9.4 The current Executive will continue to carry out their pre-existing projects for the school year.

8. Executive Duties

8.1 The Chair will:
8.1.1 chair all meetings of the Council;
8.1.2 coordinate with the principal to establish meeting agendas
8.1.3 communicate with the principal on a regular basis
8.1.4 call regular school council meetings
8.1.5 decide all matters relating to rules of order of the meetings; and
8.1.6 follow existing school council operating procedures
8.1.7 ensure that minutes are recorded and maintained
8.1.8 have general supervision of all activities of the school council
8.1.9 be the official spokesperson of the school council
8.1.10 ensure there is regular communication with the school community, beyond those who attend meetings
8.1.11 stay informed about school board policy that impacts school council
8.1.12 have signing authority, on any financial accounts together with the co-chair and/or the treasurer
8.1.13 prepare an annual report in conformance with the Regulation.

8.2 The Secretary will:
8.2.1 prepare the minutes of each meeting of the Council and circulate those minutes to the Executive;
8.2.2 maintain the minute book in the Council’s records;
8.2.3 maintain a dated record of all the members of the school council who have knowingly provided their contact information, in compliance with PIPA
8.2.4 ensure all materials relating to the school council including resources (ASCA Resource Manual), all meeting minutes and any relevant documents are available to the public in an accessible location in the School
8.2.5 in the absence of the secretary, the school council shall choose a recording secretary for the meeting
8.3 The Communications director will:
8.3.1 create and distribute regular newsletters;
8.3.2 distribute and collect signed permission forms from Member parents giving permission to use their personal contact information for Council communication; 
8.3.3 give notice of the annual general meeting and any special meetings.
8.3.4 distribute notices of meetings and other school council events as required
8.3.5 will have access to the schools website, limited to the school council tab, to post updates to parents on a continual basis

8.4 The Treasurer will:
8.4.1 keep accurate records of all financial transactions
8.4.2 ensure that records are available upon request of the school board or public
8.4.3 be responsible for the deposits of all monies paid to the School Council in whatever bank, trust company, credit union or treasury branch the School Council may order
8.4.4 have signing authority on any financial accounts together with the Chairperson and/or Co-Chairperson
8.4.5 present a full detailed account of receipts and disbursements to the school council whenever requested by the school council and prepare the financial statements for the annual report
8.4.6 supervise the affairs and reside at any meetings of the financial committee

8.5 The other Council Executive will have duties prescribed by the Council.
8.5.1 Preschool Rep. must have a child attending Raymond Elementary Preschool. They can hold the position for (1) one year.

9. Appointment of Member of the School Community

9.1 If a member of the School Community is to be appointed to the Council, the following procedure will be utilized:
9.2 the chair will solicit names of potential appointees from Council members;
9.3 the potential appointees will be discussed at a regular meeting of the Council;
9.4 the Council will create a priority list of potential appointees; and
9.5 the chair (or designate) will approach potential appointees in order of their priority until one accepts appointment.

10. Vacancies

10.1 If a vacancy occurs in any elected position, nominations and an election for a replacement may be made at any meeting without notice.
10.2 If a vacancy occurs in any appointed position, a replacement will be appointed in accordance with section 9.1.
10.3 If a vacancy occurs in a position in which the member is elected or appointed solely by the staff of the school, a replacement will be elected or appointed by the school staff before the next meeting of the Council.

11. Meetings

11.1 Annual General Meeting
11.1.1 The Council will hold an annual general meeting on or before June 30 annually. 
11.1.2 Notice of the annual general meeting will be given to Parents, and the School Community not less than 14 days before the date of the meeting.  The notice will be given in the manner determined by the Council.  The notice will describe the matters to be dealt with at the annual general meeting, which will include the election of members of the Executive.

11.2 Regular Meetings
11.2.1 At the annual general meeting or first meeting in September, the Council will determine, with input from those attending the meetings, the number of regular meetings, and time, date and place of those meetings for the school year.  The Key Communicator will distribute this information to all Parents.

11.3 Special Meetings
11.3.1 The Council may at any time give notice of a special meeting of the Council. The notice will be given in the manner determined by the Council, but must be given at least (1) one day before the meeting.  The notice will state the time, date and place of the meeting, and describe the matters to be dealt with.

11.4 Procedure at Meetings
11.4.1 Absence of Chair or Secretary in the absence of the Chair, the Co-Chair will chair the meeting. either the Chair or Co-Chair must be in attendance at all council meetings in the absence of the Secretary, the Chair or the Co-Chair will choose a recording secretary for the meeting;

11.4.2 Quorum the quorum for any meeting will be a majority of the members of the Council executive.

11.4.3 Absence of Quorum in the absence of a quorum, no motions may be considered or approved; and if a majority of Parents wish the meeting to proceed in the absence of a quorum, the Council will continue the meeting for purposes of discussion of issues, but section will continue to apply.
11.4.4 Motions any member of the Council may make a motion at any meeting with no seconder required.  

11.4.5 Voting on Motions each member of the Council will have one vote on every motion; a member of the Council may abstain from voting on any motion; a motion is approved if a majority of the Council members present at the meeting vote in favour of it.

12. Fundraising
12.1 subject to any provincially board mandated policies and/or regulations, the school council may raise funds that do not require incorporation to obtain (ie. Not casinos, bingos, raffles, etc.)
12.1.1 should the school council choose to fundraise, funds may be deposited in a bank account operated by the school council
12.1.2 school council funds given to the school will be subject to the school board’s policy on school council fundraising and/or school general funds

13. Remuneration of school council members

13.1 No member of a school council shall receive any remuneration for acting as a member of the council.

14. Duty to report to the board

14.1 The chair of a school council must prepare and provide to the board by September 30 of each year a report
14.1.1 summarizing the activities of the school council in the previous school year, and
14.1.2 including a financial statement relating to money handled by the school council in the previous school year, if any, and how the funds were used.
14.2 A school council must retain at the school a copy of the minutes for each meeting of the School Council and make them available to the board or the public on request.
14.3 School council must retain the minutes for each meeting of the school council for at least 7 years.

15. By-Laws

15.1 By-laws can only be amended by a Special Resolution at an annual general meeting or a regular meeting of the school council called for that purpose.
15.2 Notice of proposed by-law amendments must be circulated with the notice of the annual general meeting or regular meeting.  

16. Code of Ethics

16.1 All School Council members shall:
16.1.1 abide by the legislation that governs them;
16.1.2 be guided by the mission statements of the school and school council;
16.1.3 endeavour to be familiar with the school’s policies and operating practices and act in accordance with them;
16.1.4 practice the highest standards of honesty, accuracy, integrity and truth;
16.1.5 recognize and respect the personal integrity of each member of the school community;
16.1.6 declare any conflict of interest;
16.1.7 encourage a positive atmosphere in which individual contributions are encouraged and valued;
16.1.8 apply democratic principles;
16.1.9 consider the best interests of all students;
16.1.10 respect the confidential nature of some school business and respect limitations this may place on the operation of the school council
16.1.11 not disclose confidential information
16.1.12 limit discussions at school council meetings to matters of concern to the school community as a whole;
16.1.13 use appropriate communication channels when questions or concerns arise;
16.1.14 promote high standards of ethical practice within the school community;
16.1.15 accept accountability for decisions
16.1.16 not accept payment for school council activities

17. Resolution of Conflicts

17.1 Process
17.1.1 If at any time, ten (10) Parents or any three (3) members of the Council executive are of the opinion that the Council executive is in a state of conflict such that its operation is significantly impaired, they may deliver a written petition signed by them to all Council executive, and the following will apply: the Chair will call a special meeting of the Council; the Key Communicator will provide 5 days' written notice to all Parents of the date, time, place and purpose of the special meeting; at the special meeting, Parents in attendance will have an opportunity to hear and discuss the issues in conflict; on motion, seconded by any Council member in attendance at the special meeting, a vote will be held respecting the dissolution of the Council executive; and if a majority of Parents vote in favour of the dissolution of the Council executive, the Council executive will be immediately dissolved.

17.2 Actions After Dissolution
17.2.1 If a Council executive is dissolved, the principal will establish an advisory committee to perform the duties of the Council executive until the next annual general meeting, and the principal will perform the duties of the Chair and recording Secretary with respect to notification of the next annual general meeting.

18. Privacy

18.1 school council shall adhere to the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).
18.2 school council will obtain permission from individual Parents to use personal contact information. 
18.3 school council shall not share personal information for purposes other than those of school council business.
18.4 The Key Communicator, Room representatives, Grade representatives, and Preschool representative are responsible for the secure keeping of Parents’ personal contact information and will be individually responsible for destroying this information by September 30 of the following school year. 

Approved by a majority of Parents present at a special meeting held on __________________, _________.

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