Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September Meeting Minutes

RES Council Meeting
September 14, 2016

Attendance: Marlin Hogg, Elaine Ross, Jamie Jensen, Connie Shurtz, Loni Sala, Jen Bennett,
 Candice Bullock, Meghan First Charger, Christal Bevans, Rhonda Steed, J’Ana Smith, Lindsay Baldry, Natalie Ball, Cheri Gilbert, Tasha Reeve, Derra Murray, Jen Wegwitz, Jen Smith, Jessica Salmon,
 Rachel Miller.

Voting of new members-
Jessica Salmon- Secretary 

Barb Nickel- Resigns from communications position

Student Council goals for 2016
  • Bridge the gap between school & parents 
  • Improve Communications
  • Educate Parents ( remind them of events, let them know councils goals, purpose of student council, volunteer opportunities)

Lindsay & Rhonda-
School Dance fundraising funds & purpose   
  • Purpose for kids to have fun & parents  to mingle with one another 
  • Movement centers for each classroom in the school is the goal 

  • Dance fundraiser money will be put back into the school possible things (physical activities for classrooms, reading chairs/bean bags, games for carnival, big rolling balls.  
  • There will be an ice party or some party for the classroom that has the most kids in  attendance at the family dance
  • $100 of fundraising money to be spent on prizes. 
1st Lindsay 2nd Rachel Majority all in Favor 
  • 1- Movement/Exercise Equipment, 2-Carnival Bumper Balls 3-Reading Chairs 
Purposed vote- Money from the school dance will be used for movement equipment
1st Lindsay 2nd Rachel Majority all in favor 
  • Next future fundraiser money will go to the carnival  

Natalie & Tasha –
School Dance.Thursday September 22, 2016 @ 6:30-8:00 p.m.  Cake auction closes 7:30 p.m.
Contact room rep parents for cakes & cookies 
  • 2 dozen cookies & 2 cakes. Each classroom will need 2-4 parents to help with the food.
  • Student council members will need to help volunteer at the dance
  • Contact room reps for parent help in donating cakes & cookies 
  • Kids have to be accompanied by an adult to the family dance 
  • Door prize if drawn will be 1 child’s school fees paid/refunded 

Jennifer W.-
Healthy Snack Fridge 
  • Assembly Wednesday September 21, 2016 @10:45 a.m.
  • Funding for fridge came the Community Foundations in Lethbridge 
  • Kindergarten Kids will not be in attendance at the assembly. There will be another day set aside for them to learn of the snack fridge. 
  • Marlin will give the welcome to all in attendance 
  • Zack Morrison will be speaking about healthy foods & healthy eating habits 
  • Plaque for the fridge with community sponsors
  • A note will be sent home to parents/community asking for help or donations 
  • The fridge will be up & running Tuesday September 27th
  • The next taste testing day will be October 28th  

Meet the teacher day 
  • Was Friday September 2. This was to allow for new students or students who weren’t able to attend orientation an opportunity to meet their teacher before school started.
  • There will be more teacher/parent days. Parents are welcome to attend a child’s classroom at any time, they will just need to make arrangements.
  • We are up in numbers this year by almost 30 new students 
  • Attendance for meet the teacher this year was about the same as last year’s attendance 
Hot Lunch
  • The money is going back to the students in terms of the legacy courtyard & playground 
  • We started the hot lunch program due to parent requests- we are able to do this because vendors give us a subsidized rate.

Legacy Courtyard
  • Classroom flags 
  • Hopscotch & Four Squares will be painted outside. We will need parent volunteers to help with this project when the time comes 
  • Grade by Grade lunches/ music during hot lunch days 
Teacher/Parent Contact 
  • Communication from school to parent ( phone calls from teachers , yearlong progress reporting) This is being done in some classrooms & is an optional program – it is being a pilot this year in Grade 1. 

Volunteering – Rachael 
  • Parents to understand the responsibilities of student council to help spread the word of help we need in the school
  • Let teachers know how to contact parents 
  • Have parents be specific about things they want to help with or be involved in 
  • Let parents know of upcoming volunteer opportunities in a classroom or on a school level 
  • Parents will be allowed to help 1 time without a police check other than that they will not be allowed to help without one. 

  • Parent Council meetings to stay the 2nd Wednesday of each month to keep in consistent 
  • January will be the Principals meeting so council meeting will be Jan 18th
  • October 12th Meeting will be a night meeting. We will try night time meeting in October to see if we can have a bigger attendance. At a later date after the October night meeting it will be decided if we will do any more in the evening. 
(Tentative night meetings October 12, Feb 8, June 14)
  • AGM Meeting

World Teacher Day-

  • Wednesday October 5th 
  • Treats for teachers & admin 
  • Council will start treats on Monday October 3rd 
  • Voted on treats & will do supervised recesses for that week 
  • Every council member will help this week

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