Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Parent Council Meeting March 15, 2017

RES Parent Council 
March 15, 2017 

Attendance: Mr.Hogg, Jamie Jensen, Mrs.Elaine Ross, Christal Bevans, Natalie Ball, Rachael Miller, Jen Bennett, Loni Sala, Tasha Reeve, Jessica Salmon, Cheri Gilbert, Connie Shurtz

*Policy Statement – new policy the division is working on
-guidelines, communications (email,text), elementary issues, & high school - different issues
-clubs are different not under this same policy
-division will communicate, engage, partner with parents
-professional judgement when notices should be sent home to parents 
-child safety - there will be no notice
-parents have the right to talk to the school about values & specific family beliefs
-parents can come to the school & ask about things being taught 
-certain age children are allowed to choose things for themselves 
-parents can't choose an educator based on religions etc. 

*New Bill 1
-school fees $25, $35, $45 forwarded to the central offices 
-we are not sure how much fees will be this next year
-we do know that fees for kindergarten & preschool will remain the same, they don't fall under the new bill
-busing is no charge if you live in the certain points of km

Mrs.Elaine Ross-
* One School One Book
- we are at 71% of our money goal
-we think we will be above the donation goal we have set to donate to the Ronald McDonald house 
-cupcakes for grades 5 & 6 will be 2 next weeks
***THANK YOU to all who have helped sell or volunteer!!***

*Barn Yard Breakfast
-Thursday pancakes & sausage
-all grades will come down one at a time & this will go throughout the day 

*March 17th-Saint Patrick's Day Wear Green 
*Approved school calendar for next year 2017-2018 
*Monday March 27 & 28 the Author from the book Audrey (the cow) will be at our school 

Jamie Jensen-
*Monday March 27th- We will be having a Family Literacy Night 6:30-7:30pm
We would love everyone to come enjoy a night with their family & participate in activities
-there will be activities in every classroom, things such as hay rides, roping, free samples etc.
-PLEASE stay with your children as this is a family activity 
-there will be prizes & draws for people throughout the night 
- we are going to have a quilt that families will be able to give a $5 donation for a chance to win 
***THANK YOU for all of the volunteer help we have been receiving! ***

Rachael Miller-
*Parking update information 
-we will need to inform parents of new parking rules when the changes are made, it will be taken to the school board meeting
-Ron Fromm took the signs to the board meeting & there are some concerns with the bus zone being used- so no final decision has been made 
-kids shouldn't be crossing in front of the bus driveway, they should be using the back side walk along the fence 
-someone from the school division will be coming to monitor & observe the bus zone to make sure safety is being considered the number one priority 
-town signs - we were given permission to change them
-school has to approve them because they are on school property 
-question was asked by a council member -is more busing an option later down the road ? It might mean less parents and traffic daily at the school -there would be lots of polices to review, change, reevaluated to even consider more buses – would also mean more money for the division for more buses, drivers, etc  - decided against pursuing this

* New Focus 
-what could be our new focus? New goals to work on: informing & educating parents, blog, Facebook, texting? 
-school sends out emails, newsletters
-(council member)-is there a way to have a remind app or something similar to connect with parents via text message? To help inform, help them remember dress up days or certain activities 
-who would like to look into that? Jen B. volunteered 

****THANK YOU for all the volunteers & for all each one of you do for the school. We really do appreciate all you do for helping our school***

Loni Sala-
*Rural Alberta Education Symposium 
-school council 
-minister panel-deputy minister panel 
-student councils have direct contact with the schools 
-we have a voice in our community & working with other groups in the schools 
-Conference Highlights: 
-Keeping school councils working effective 
-Facebook page-keeping Facebook for school purpose only 
-community resource 
-keeping up on school events & informing 
* things that might harm a school council: - live in the past, not accepting change, doing the same things over & over-short sided, ignore outsiders
*things to do- don't be complacent, accept changes, go forward, take responsibility
-the only people who can fix a community is the members 
-policy responsibility of the parents

Meeting Adjourned 

Next Meeting will be April 12 ,2017 @ 9:00am 

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