Thursday, March 2, 2017

Council Meeting Feb 15, 2017

RES Council Meeting
February 15, 2017

AttendanceChristal Bevans , Natalie Ball, Loni Sala, Jessica Salmon, Jamie Jensen, Connie Shurtz, Elaine Ross, Marlin Hogg, Dave Reeve, Rachael Miller, JennSmith, J'Ana Zobell

Mr.Hogg- Alberta Education 
Alberta education curriculum program of studies- the law states each school is to inform families of studentsprogress & such. We are to inform or educated in things happening in Alberta. 
Report cards with a level 4 means a student is at grade level. 
Reporting to parents is to tell them what students are learning and how they are learning & understanding concepts. 
Gr.1 is doing outcome based reporting this year. Outcome based reporting is a monthly report system that allows the teacher to record where that student is for specific tasks learned. 
* Do parents like the outcome based reporting? 
* Changes by law we can't give a class average K-12 
* Parents always want to know where their children are so this reporting helps give a monthly break down. 
We will have parent in-servicing when this outcome based reporting is in all of our school. It will be more explanations, the intended purpose & how education is working. This will be happening in the near future in our school. 
* Grade 2 will be doing the outcome based monthly reporting next year. 
* We should be getting our outside LED screen soon 
* Raymond Marathon will be held at Raymond Elementary again this year 

Elaine Ross- One School One Book 
One School One Book opening assembly will be held February 28 @ 1:00 pm in the gym. Parents are welcome to attend the assembly.  We are working on a calendar of events.  Tasha & Natalie will be asking for help from room moms & parent volunteers for our cupcake days. 
There will not be a movie night this year for the book,instead we are looking into a family literacy night. 
possibly have it as a Monday night activity ? 
possibly doing a toy donation box?

Jamie Jensen-
THANK YOU to all of those parents who volunteered their time for the olympics & for providing cookies. Also a thank you to staff for filling in.

Rachel Miller- Parent Council 
Parent council goals-  3 year plan 2015-2017
*Bridge the gap between parents & staff 
*Have staff appreciation days 
*Encourage parents to come to the school 
*Publicize goals 
*Does anyone know how to do a database? 
-- Mr.Hogg could create one & someone could just input the information? Thoughts? 

*Parents know how to become involved & know of volunteer activities? 
Facebook, emails, blog, etc all provide information for happenings at school 
 We will put a link from the blog to the Facebook page.
*Is there a way to use a remind app for parent volunteers/ room moms? 
*New messenger alerts from the Westwinds School Division Alerts 
-- text the #724-665 and reply Y 
 We will need more help for the carnival as far as volunteers go. We will have sign ups a week before any given activity before the link on line closes. 
We ask parents who are volunteering to find child care for their little children, it becomes too hard for them to run activities or focus on the elementary aged kids. We keep inviting parents to help out anyway they can at the school,we really appreciate all of the hard work. 
* How can we utilize room reps? We could possibly do a letter from RES council with the teachers outlining the job of a room rep & responsibilities. 
*Parent Surveys are to be turned in Feb 24th
pink shirt day- Bully awareness is Feb 17th 
world read aloud day & the 100th day of school is Feb 16th

Parking Sign Changes --
10 minute angle parking during school hours
 Parallel student drop off zone 8am-9am
Once the signs are done we go to the school division & the town. 
Jr.high & High School will have the same signs 
*what about the yellow lines for parking ? 

J'Ana - Financial summary 
*Please turn in all receipts
*Our big purchases to date went to the movement equipment for the school. We purchased 2 stationary kids bikes, rolling machines & striders. 
The school is looking for larger equipment for some of the older grades to use. If anyone is getting rid of some please contact the school. Thanks. 
This year is the 150th birthday for Canada. We could possibly get the kids involved as well as using our new movement equipment to promote a healthy living lifestyle. 

Loni-School Council Training 
* We are a pretty effective run parent council 
* Alberta School Council webpage -ASKA website has live training every Wednesday at two different times  9:30am or 8:30 pm & they are an hour long. 
This is a great way for us to see how other councils work & to bounce ideas back and forth. The last one was on project based learning. 
* March topics are student council purpose, partnership, fundraising, high school & exploring
You are welcome to submit different topic ideas to the ASKA webinars as well. 
*Curriculum  -Alberta Education takes information from the parent survey & apply that to the redesign. 
Another parent survey will be coming out in May. This is a good way for parents to have their voice heard & thoughts listened too.  There have been 32,000 surveys handed out to parents to fill out. Please fill your form out & answer the questions. 
*ASCA conference Rachael & Loni are going 

Meeting Adjourned until Wednesday March 15th @ 9:00am 

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