Thursday, May 18, 2017

Council meeting minutes May 2017

RES Council Meeting
Wed May 10th 2017 at 9am

In attendance:
Connie ShurtzChristal Bevans, Natalie Ball, Alana Sala, Marlin Hogg, Jamie Jensen, Elaine Ross, Racheal Miller, Jen Bennett, Melanie Smith, J'Ana Smith, Gail Currie, Cherie Gilbert

Council Chair Report- Rachael Miller

-By law discussion 21 days before AGM posted to public meeting  which will be June 8th at 7:30pm spread the word on proposed changes 
-the main addition affect the members at large
-discussion on whether public has vote if they just come to meetings
-we consider parent voices always
-AGM all can vote who are elected was Vote to approve changes 
{{opposed to those not having a vote}} 
decision ALL IN FAVOR Natalie Alana Rachael Connie Cheri Jenifer and J'Ana Smith of only elected members allowed to vote

-Available positions let her know before Friday
-preschool rep is up as is chair and co-chair
-members at large also
-will post positions and descriptions of elected positions available

-BIG THANK YOU to all who helped with teacher appreciation

-Motion to use school council funds at AGM for refreshments  ALL in FAVOR
J'Ana ,Connie, Rachael, Alana, Cheri, Natalie, Christal}

Principles Report- Marlin Hogg

Lunch Supervison
-refer parents to flow chart {{see parent concerns flow chart}}
-going to FB only angers people and causes more problems if you have a problem come to the school no FB 
-complaining does not help relations between parents and teachers
-Councils are about the students educate others 
-only 4 parents came in to discuss with the principle 

-trying new things for next school year 
-Having communication with parents up front would have made it a non issue

-Good News- in traveling to other divisions province wide we are in the top 3% in Alberta dealing with children w/ disabilities
-Literacy rate is at 87% of grade level students -most are tested 2-3 times a year for reading levels
top for PD day instruction our Division is a model for others
-Our school will join with U of L as a lab school with a Dr. Wright a literacy Dr. she will bring teachers to our school who are the best of the university in this area
-Also our school with receive top PD training school experts math, science and behavioral  
-Judy Martin with staff will be in classrooms to learn how to plan, teach and implement in our classrooms
-Staff staying 2-3 extra hours a month to learn how to be better teachers.
-Exceptional staff in our school in keeping students safe and tolove learning

-3 transfers into our school for next year lots of good things happening

ASCA report- Natalie Ball

-In Edmonton last month the deputy minister was there to field questions on curriculum redesign were asked and answered 
-there were all day classes to attend and 1 vote on important issues per school
-it would be well worth it to put forth resolutions for next year

How to Educate parents
-how do we do it?
-post minutes
-our school blog
-and notes  {More to come on this topic}

An idea discussed meet the teacher night at the beginning of the year where we all meet in the gym just parents and teachers introduce the parent council and ask questions upfront and open to start the year off right

Connie's Report on Divisional School Council Meeting

- Mr Waterhouse talked on reduction of school fees
-still have field trip and grad, bus fees in effect 

-Mr Sommerfeldt spoke on parents rights a new policy being worked on right now
-Communication is key to protect our families
-family law act to protect our rights being drawn up
-talked on responsibility of values to establish with teachers providing the right channels because the parents role as the primary educator has never been greater 
-good things happening division wide

Meeting adjourned until AGM on Thursday, June 8th at 7:30pm 

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