Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Divisional School Council Meeting notes

As posted by Rachael Miller, School Council Chair on Face Book Monday January 25,2016.

 Today there was a divisional school council meeting, at which the division discussed the new LBTQ policy guidelines set out by the government. They handed out an information packet, “The Westwind LGBTQ Policy Development Backgrounder”, which can be found on the Westwind School Division website. We wanted to let you, as parents, know that the division seems very concerned about protecting the needs of ALL children. The division has the responsibility to write a policy, and the policy committee was meeting this afternoon, to start work on the policy. They are taking the approach that this policy is to protect ALL children (this was reiterated to us several times in the meeting). The division and board seem to understand the key concerns that we have as parents, concerning the guideline put out by the government. We felt reassured that our school board is trying to develop a policy that reflects the values and standards of our community and that will ensure a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environment for ALL students. They communicated to us today that they will try to be specific in their policy, so as to protect ALL children; it is our understanding that they will try to do so by clarifying some of the so called "grey" areas, or areas in which parents have addressed concerns over. After this 1st policy writing meeting, they will then present it to the board, and the policy will continue to be worked on. The school board will work very hard in drafting this policy, but it must then be approved by the government. If you have concerns, let your board members know. We encourage everyone to be respectful in their communication, as we want our board members to work with us. Also keep in mind once the board has completed their policy it must be approved by the government, which is why it is important to write letters to MLA’s, the Education Minister, the Opposition Education Critic, etc.

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