Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January 19, 2016 RES Council Meeting minutes

RES Council Meeting
January 19, 2016

In Attendance from Council
Jen Smith
Rachael Miller
Nancy Rose
Elaine Ross
Jamie Jensen
Carmen Lowry
Christal Bevans
Marlin Hogg

Opening Remarks: Rachael Miller
Time turned over to Our School Board Member Ron Fromm

Discussion on proposed  2016/2017 Calendar

-When doing the Calendar there are one or two choices each year that need to be worked around depending on when Christmas and Labour Day falls
-Sometimes difficult to set - there are things to factor in like when Christmas is on a Sunday or when labor day is
- *Full day Fridays floated around, made the video to explain
-  survey sent out and 1000 responded, 230 teachers and 770 community input - lots of feedback
- a large majority from Raymond {Good Job}
- You have been heard we have taken all into account
- Is this a done deal? No, though the original calendar has been scraped
- Came up with a new calendar
- principals got together to come up with a new calendar and came up with one that was really close to the boards revised calendar
- Calendar is in negotiation -found no value in extended Fridays
- Start day as well as Christmas holidays still in the works - there was a three way split on surveys as to when to start
- the Board’s and Principals’ calendars together were used as a guideline to come to a decision as to what is best
- the revised calendar will be presented Monday morning the 25th to principals first and then to school councils at 10am and then made public thereafter
- No full Fridays but teachers will have more to do on Fridays
- PD/PLC days will continue to be valuable for our teachers

- Question asked about a unified lunch hour in Raymond - the BOARD DOES NOT set lunch hours

- Question asked if Teachers will have time on Fridays to coach? volunteer? as part of their schedules -
Answer: Yes it will all be worked out

Next Topic "Guidelines for Best Practices: Creating Learning environments that respect diverse Sexual Orientations, Gender Identities and Gender Expressions" Rules

- Passed last week.

Reviewed best practices and points in document:
- to support individual needs
- respect to self identification
- dress code elimination, uniforms, etc {no effect on our division}
- gender segregated sports will be affected
-if you have concerns, write your MLA!
- participation in activities confidential from parents
- safe washrooms and change rooms
- inclusive bathrooms
-some good things
-some scary things

{Division to have policies in place by March 31st according to government}
-Bathroom sign removals and redesigns will be forthcoming (parents will know before this happens)
-BUT our Teachers are the best and will do everything to protect our children

-Bill 10 was already passed last Wednesday
-must follow rules or face consequences
*Catholics are our hope that they are going to fight this – we’ll watch them and together will be stronger

-If we don't comply they will close schools and cut funding

-We have constitutional rights too *we must fight* talk to our reps *MLA Grant Hunter

Other news:
- Question asked about international field trips: ISIS has threatened tourists, and Canadians are listed as one of the targets so there will be no international trips in the division

RES Council Briefs
- discussion on Teacher Appreciation treats and supervision

- Carmen Lowry:
- Overview of funds:1578.06, then we made about $906 from Baskets {minus $14 for posters}
Making $2484.06, then AR payout for school reading program in the amount of 678.22 leaving roughly $1805.84
-Council will vote at next meeting on how to allocate the funds and where
Ideas such as: a buddy bench, indoor field trips, tether balls, etc

-Discussion on writing a Grant {with school} for Lockdown Kits for each class
- Voted Unanimously in favor 
Rachael Miller/ Jen Smith/ Carmen Lowry/Nancy Rose/ Loretta Cahoon
Christal Bevans

-Feb 29th – assembly unveiling of new book for ONE BOOK ONE SCHOOL

ADJOURNED - Next Meeting is Feb 10th @ 9am

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