Friday, January 22, 2016

School Council Emergency Meeting Minutes

RES School Council Emergency Meeting Minutes
Raymond Elementary School
January 22, 2016

This emergency meeting is in response to Tuesday's meeting where parents and council participated in a discussion, with one of our trustees, on the government’s LGBTQ policy.
We the Raymond Elementary School Council have communicated and put forward the motion to
request an emergency resolution that

 “Raymond Elementary School Council opposes the Gender Identities and Expressions Guidelines as currently written. It is our request that the Government of Alberta; document titled “Guidelines for Best Practices: Creating Learning Environments that Respect Diverse Sexual Orientations, Gender Identities and Gender Expressions” be further reviewed and brought to public debate prior to being put forth as requirements for Alberta Schools. We request an emergency resolution for ASCA and Alberta School Board Association.” 

Presented the Motion and Voted
1st Rachael Miller
2nd Christal Bevans
Voted in Favor
Barbara Nickle
Jenn Smith
Cheri Gilbert
Carmen Lowry
Loni Sala
Nancy Rose
Loretta Cahoon
Jen Wegwitz

The Motion was approved and passed.
Forwarded onto the ASCA

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